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Your marine service partner With Global Coverage- Inglasco International was founded in 2020 by a group of Marine professionals who strongly believe that they can offer the marine industry a better global package than the existing players in the market. Established with several well known and highly reputable marine companies offers competitive, high quality all in safety and supply services around the globe.

Fixed Budget Fleet Agreements

Inglasco international GLOBAL program

Every fleet has its own safety requirements. With Inglasco International all year round safety services are covered for one fixed price. This program concerns a tailor made package which covers the required annual or bi-annual inspections at anytime and anywhere, all over the world.

Cost and time effective

The Inglasco International Marine program is a very efficient tool for your technical team. Inglasco International unburdens customers. All that is needed from your side is the vessels schedule with the agent details. Our employees will inform your company in time when the service is coming due.

Easy budgeting

The Inglasco International Marine Program is a very efficient tool for your technical team. Inglasco International unburdens customers. All that is needed is the vessel’s schedule with agent’s details. Inglasco International will inform in time when the service is coming due.

Our services

Safety And Service


Originally established in 1995 as Inglasco Fire Systems to service on the provision and maintenance of fire and safety equipment. The company expanded in 2006 with the Instruments division to offer a highly specialized instruments repair service and inspections on board.

Inglasco is based in the port of Rotterdam. The gateway to North-Western Europe. Inglasco provides services from the North of Germany all up to the French coast. Besides the standard product line Inglasco also provides loan equipment directly available from stock.


Approved service supplier and have approvals of: ABS, BV, LR and DNV-GL, R.I.N.A. and NK Japan which means we have more than adequate approvals for IACS.

Inglasco expertise and annual services:

  • Stationary CO2 installations
  • Stationary Low-pressure CO2 tanks
  • Stationary FM 200 and Novec installations
  • Stationary Water-mist installations
  • Stationary Galley duct installations
  • Stationary Paint store installations
  • Stationary Foam installations (for deck)
  • Stationary Dry powder systems for gas and LPG tankers
  • Portable and mobile fire extinguishers (Powder, CO2, Foam)
  • Immersion suits (authorized Piel service agent)
  • Life rafts
  • Foam installations and foam liquid analysis
  • Inflatable life jackets
  • Life jacket and Immersion suit lights
  • Stationary medical oxygen installations
  • Portable Medical Resuscitators
  • EEBD units
  • Breathing apparatus (Scott dealer)
  • Compressed Air cylinders
  • Analysis for foam making liquid with a function test of the product
  • Portable Gas detectors
  • Portable explosion detectors
  • Stationary Gas detection Systems
  • Portable Ullage Instruments Tanktech, MMC, Hermetic

Inglasco service engineers are trained on a constant base and are approved by Minimax as official service agents for water mist systems. Inglasco understands the principle of these systems and is able to perform tests and inspections on these systems. Authorized to service / recharge deep-fat fryer systems of Minimax and Ansul Ansulex systems.

In house workshop

A fully equipped workshop and software to calibrate portable gas detection equipment for most common brands. Official dealer for RKI (Riken Keiki) and BW detectors.

Loan Equipment

Inglasco has a vast stock of loan equipment. In case of any problems, Inglasco is able to provide equipment onboard on a temporarily basis.
Providing customers with solutions for equipment that can’t be serviced in time when a vessel is in port, Inglasco can provide loan equipment so trading can continue.
Loan gas detectors can always be forwarded to the ships in case of emergencies.

Within our Rotterdam warehouse there is a vast stock of new equipment directly available:

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